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How Minimalist Art Can Function As Industrial Home Decor

Rotterdam Meuse Maas Industrial Home Decor

Big Objects Play Big Roles

In the most industrial home decor photos, there’s usually a big element that makes up for the factory look. This can be an iron pillar, an entire wall made out of bricks, a wooden floor or metal window frames.

So if you really want to go all out, use that pillar that you have in your house, emphasize the old window frames, install a new kitchen or put in a new floor.

Yet, these are big investments and not so easy to do. Fortunately there are alternatives, many.

Small Decorative Items Always Play Together

Without much investment, but with a good eye for style you can industrialize your house by adding or replacing small items.

Think of candles and their tray, cushions on the sofa or place mats on the dinner table. 

Two things are really important when doing this in order to create a more industrial look. The first one is not to add things that take up space. Old wooden boxes, for example, can be very nice decorative items, but to keep the industrial look in your home it’s important to not overcrowd your living room. An industrial look goes well with space and room such that a certain serenity is kept.

The other important thing is the material and the color. As a rule of thumb: anything that is earthy works well. This holds for both the material and the color. It doesn’t need to be dark, neither does it need to be light. Both metal and (dark) wood work very well for creating a bit of a factory touch.

So, keep it earthy, keep it spacy.

San Francisco They Bay Metro Lines on brushed aluminium mockup
Industrial home decor of the metro lines in the San Francisco Bay Area on brushed aluminium.

Prominent Masterpieces Love Space

Perhaps the easiest tool there is to add an industrial flavor to your home is to go for one prominent item that breathes industry: a masterpiece! 

This can be a kitchen counter, a bold dinner table or a lamp.

But it can also be a piece of art that is hung on your wall. By putting just one piece on a rustic wall, both the artwork and the wall itself are featured in a special way.

When choosing such a piece to light up a specific place in your living room, there are three things very important to make it really an industrial home decor item.

First of all: the material. As concluded before: keep it earthy. That means earthy tones in the work itself or the canvas. If the canvas is earthy – for example wood or metal – you’re going into the right direction.

The second important thing we touched upon already as well: keep it spacy. As much it holds for your home in general, it holds for the artwork itself: give it space to breathe. For art that means that there should be enough ‘white space’. Well, if your canvas is an earthy material, then you’re twice right. Minimal art works really well in this perspective.

Last but not least is one that is often forgotten. The subject or the meaning must be industrial as well. That means that the work can depict a factory, a vehicle or train or anything that expresses industry.

Line Art As A Masterpiece

Artworks on Lines by Tim are these prominent masterpieces that combine all these characteristics. The subject of the work is either the lines of a metro network, a line depection of a particular metro station or a city’s river.

For the industrial look, choose either wood or brushed aluminium as the material and only black lines.

The artwork on the featured image of this article is Rotterdam’s river Meuse (Maas).